Keys and Brass Chain

Key and Brass Chain Necklace

One of my very loyal customers loves keys. And so when she emailed me and said please make another key necklace for me. Please baby baby please. I knew I had to. Plus I’m a key lover from way back.

She has one I made similar to this one. It takes time, but it’s a loving journey.

I start with brass wire – 18 gauge. I make millions or trillions or even katillions of jump rings. And I put them together in a two-loop by two-loop pattern. At first the chain is impossibly short. And I look at it and wonder how in the world am I going to finish it. But I keep going, two loops at a time. And it grows. And grows. And is done.

I tumble it to smooth out the rough edges and the tumbled chain feels so good to the touch. I just want to run it through my hands over and over. I darkened the chain and added the keys spacing them based on color and size. Key necklaces are yummy. Lot of love went into this one.

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