The Things I Sent

Miniature Brass Coat Hangers

I am interested in the idea of collaboration, of trying new things, stretching, expanding. So when I saw Chandler Pritchett’s blog Link and her desire to participate in 52 collaborations this year, well, how could I resist? Now, I don’t know Chandler Pritchett, had never heard of her. But anyone who wanted to do 52 collaborations was OK with me. Plus I was still stoked by the energy of Thomasin Durgin’s ring a day for 2010.

I emailed Chandler and asked her if she’d like to participate in an artistic exchange with me. She said yes, what do you have in mind? I didn’t actually have anything in mind but I think pretty fast on my feet (sometimes) so I said, let’s send each other three things. It can be anything. And we will each make something. We can use all, some, or none of what we receive.

This is what I sent.

Tiny coat hangers I made out of brass and then darkened. They are about an inch or so across. There was a sad incident at my home this past spring. I had a plant hanging on the front porch and a bird made a nest in it and laid eggs. Oh how I loved watching the eggs and then the fuzzy, squawking, bug eyed baby birds. Then one day the nest look disheveled. I thought a cat was trying to get into it. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t keep barbed or razor wire handy. So I taped a bunch of coat hangers to the porch rail trying to keep the cats out.

But it wasn’t cats. Whatever it was came from the air. Maybe a hawk or owl. And the next day was disaster. The mama and papa birds fluttered back and forth to the nest in shock. I was sorrowed. But I also knew that whatever did it, was just trying to eat and feed its family. And something about the coat hangers looked so poignant, that I left them up for weeks. What the mailman and UPS man thought, I’ll never know.

The teeny, tiny hangers are for the little birds.

The second thing I sent was a bag of giant acorn hats. Now, these aren’t giant in the sense that they would fit my head, although that would be pretty cool. But for acorn hats, they are pretty big. On my walks every day this past fall, I kept seeing them and was fascinated by how large they were. To give you perspective, here they are with a quarter. I had to send them, how could I resist?

Acorn Cap and Quarter

The third thing – a key. Because I like keys.

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5 Responses to The Things I Sent

  1. That is a COOL set of stuff!!!!!

  2. jean says:

    Extremely awesome choices! You are a very special person, I think. Those choices reflect a profound innate understanding of the world around you and a vast curiosity concerning anything which you haven’t yet experienced! Lots of excitement there! Love the hangers!

    jean xox

  3. Cyndi L says:

    I love the little hangers, and what a poignant story. We had something similar happen one year when a bird built a nest on our swing set. It was heartbreaking to me as a small child, especially since I had stayed away from my favorite spot for days and days.

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