Tucson, Blogging, Love

When I signed up for the blogging workshop with Kate and Andrew, I truly did not know what to expect. I really surprised myself by even signing up for it since I’m not the impulsive type, not the kind to up and run off with strangers in the desert.

And so, on the first morning as we all sat around the table and Kate and Andrew asked us why we were there and what we wanted to get out of it, I surprised myself again by being unguarded, by speaking simple truth from the heart, voice kinda quivering. And I believe everyone in the room felt the sincerity.

I said that I felt I had been all over the place with my blog, trying out this point of view or that. Blogging about my jewelry, then other artisans, what was happening in the jewelry world, jewelry trends.

Andrew said something like – that sounds too much like work. Just show up and be who you are.

And openness. I know I can be guarded, maybe hard to get to know at times. Did my blog feel too closed off, too guarded? Could anyone actually feel the real me, the living, breathing, feeling person behind the words?

Over the past few months, I returned to writing about my jewelry and what is going on with me creatively. I am hoping after the experiences with Kate and Andrew that I am expressing myself in a freer and more open manner. This feels at home to me. It’s what I know. Andrew is right. I think I am blogging better as a result. And will get better still.

There was talk about being in the moment. To me this means not doing either of these two things:

  • Ruminating on the past. Thinking about what went wrong or what you wished you had said or why things happened the way they did or what did she/he really mean by that.
  • Worrying about the future. Worry that leads to action is OK. Worry that spins around like a hamster in a wheel, not really helpful.

We worked on breaking our natural tendencies and seeing, really seeing what is around us.

We learned that life is abundant, juicy, full of enough for everyone. We don’t need to get there first. We don’t need to rush. There is enough. For everyone.

We talked about social media, balance, and the need keep our humanity in the face of so much technology.

We gave to each other and received from each other and grew close in an astonishingly short time.

Part of what I received in this workshop were gifts handed to me in lovingly wrapped preciousness. Part of it was time spent with people who live out loud in delicious freedom. The rest – the work I need to do myself to carry it forward.

Thank you Kate, Andrew, Ellen, Meryl, Doriot, Kathi, Beth, and Laurie Ann.

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7 Responses to Tucson, Blogging, Love

  1. Meryl says:

    What a fine, fine entry! Heartfelt, open and wonderfully succinct. I loved the summary of our tie together, it is beautiful.

  2. Cindy says:

    Your class with Andrew and Kate sounds wonderful. Some times these types of classes really awaken a whole new world or a different perspective. You sound revitilized and it’s contagious! 🙂

  3. kate mckinnon says:

    Charlene, what a beautiful post. It completely captures your experience, and the beautiful photos put me right in the moments. I am moved by what you said; I saved this post like a little jewel that I can study.
    much love,

  4. Baba says:

    Well said! And very insightful!

  5. Very nice blog. Inspiring. I am in the second session of Capturing the Moment and learning
    so much!

  6. Indeed we saw your sincerity.
    I took notes from this blog, as you worded things so well.

  7. thebeaddreamer says:

    Thank you all so very much. Your words truly touch me.

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