Bead Table Wednesday 2-9-11

I’ve decided to join the bead bloggers who show what’s on their work tables every Wednesday. For good or for bad, you’ll see it all. Here’s a run down of what’s going on:

  • Bead and cord necklace underway – I want to do a tutorial on how I’m making it too
  • About six pair of earrings recently finished – getting inventory together for a store
  • Beads I should put away but they keep whispering additional ideas of what to do with them – they already had a turn but want to get back in front of the line
  • Giant clump of some seriously gorgeous brass chain
  • Beads that need to be photographed
  • 2010 calendar page – I use prior year’s pages as scrap paper
  • White tray that needs to be cleaned out
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2 Responses to Bead Table Wednesday 2-9-11

  1. heather says:

    These look like pretty tame piles! The fiber project looks interesting – I’m looking forward to seeing it’s progress.

  2. Menka Gupta says:

    Seems lot of work going on 🙂 Looking forward to the tutorial!

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