Montana Blue Beads

While I was in Tucson, at dinner one night Andrew and I started talking about crystals. He said one of his favorite colors was Montana. I told him I loved that color too. We then went on to talk about the finish – to AB or not to AB?

The next day he gave me this glorious bag of montana crystals, navy glass pearls, and teeny, tiny golden crystals. I was just touched and very grateful. I’ve already started creating with them.

And to answer the question – I do. He does not.

What about you?

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2 Responses to Montana Blue Beads

  1. I must admit that even though I love Swarovski crystals, my first and truest love is for gemstones in the rough. Organic shapes, matte finishes, and ancient pitted surfaces make me weak in the knees. I guess that’s why the non-AB finish appeals to me more. I especially love the colors in satin. I think they’re richer, deeper, and work better with my color palettes and my collection of rough beads.

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      I hear you on the rough cut gemstones. The first time I saw Todd Reed’s ( work in Ornament Magazine some years ago, I was taken aback. I had not seen rough cut diamonds before and he set them so beautifully.

      I will have to see what you’re working on, the colors and finishes sound divine.

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