Beads, Leather and Chain

Bead Leather and Chain Bracelet

Those all sound like good things, right? I’m almost suffering from too many choices I brought back so much loot from Tucson. And I have ideas for everything. I heard someone recently describe it as a log jam – when there are so many ideas all trying to get out at the same time. It is a common problem for me. But it is infinitely better than having cricket sounds in your creative mental space. I solve it by either making a little list to set the order or by just saying to myself – pick something, pick anything, just pick. And I do. And I move on.

I’m happy with this bracelet. Almost all of the elements are from Tucson. I love the big, chunky beads, love how the leather separates them. And I like the loose ends of the leather. See, us type A neatniks can loosen up a little. And the coin looking piece, I love things that look like they were once buried from some long ago civilization and have been excavated and must become jewelry. They just must.

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3 Responses to Beads, Leather and Chain

  1. francy says:

    this would be such a PERFECT Friday necklace for me. Love it!

  2. Dana Jones says:

    #209 here. WOW what unusual pieces you got and you did a stunning job with them…WOW

  3. Jackie says:

    What an unusual necklace.

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