Bead Table Wednesday 3-16-11

I’ve been a bead table Wednesday drop-out the past two weeks, but I’m back today. And here’s what’s going on.

  • Lots of handmade long ear wires – copper and silver
  • A copper and brass bracelet that is almost done. I realized last night that I needed two more copper pieces that have two holes on one side and one on the other. These will be used to attach the clasp.
  • The lion’s head piece is underway. I decided it needed chunky, rugged looking beads.
  • A few completed pieces are at the back of the table. They are off to photography next.
  • A coil of 20 gauge brass wire and a bit of it darkened.
  • And you can see the edges of other plates. I know I have too much going on at any one time. I seem unable to stop it. The plates allow me to stack them when I need to stretch out on something.

Hope you are having a wonderful, creative, beauty filled Wednesday.

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