Mixed Metal Necklace

It has been very gratifying seeing my mixed metals line come together. Not just because it’s the first time I’ve actually created a little line, but also because of how much time it’s taken to complete it. To date, I’ve completed seven pair of earrings and three necklaces. Three bracelets are also in the little line – let’s just say they are lagging behind a little bit. But they are coming.

I intend to honor the commitment I made to myself to finish it. I drafted templates for all of the pieces on my laptop so I can replicate any of them that I choose. Now, they have been the devil to photograph. Two reasons. One – the pieces have both light and dark in them so selecting a background is a bit tricky. Two – getting reflections of the camera and sometimes me in the polished silver. But, despite that, it is coming together and I’m glad I took it on.

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2 Responses to Mixed Metal Necklace

  1. Baba says:

    Really like this piece!! You have been busy!!

  2. necklace says:

    Awesome post! The Necklace really looks so cute… Thanks for the wonderful share. Keep posting!

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