skill + balance

Kate pulled out a deck of cards and asked us each to select one. I’m not sure what kind of cards these were, but the card I selected said “Skill and Balance.” I’ve been working hard on my jewelry skills for a long time now. Once in a while I revert back to jewelry that I could have made ten years ago, that does not challenge or intrigue me. But it happens less and less. And pieces that I think are excellent happen more and more. It isn’t that I couldn’t have made pieces as good years ago. I could have and I did. Just with much less consistency.

But balance? That’s a whole ‘nother thing all together. I’ve been way, way, way out of balance for far too long. And I made some decisions today to start to bring things back into balance.

When I drew the card, Kate said I would get what I needed. She was right.

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