Personal Color Wheel

Many artists and artisans use a color wheel when making design choices. I don’t have a physical color wheel. I have one in my head that I use at times. Other times, color decisions are just based on gut. I’ve found the colors on the color wheels I’ve seen to be a little flat. So when Andrew suggested making a personal color wheel, the idea was intriguing to me. I made this one using square snippets from a lot of photographs. I love that the colors seem more real life to me. I also like the fact that in some of them you can tell what the object is – a bit of a blossom or leaf. It is wonderful to have my very own.

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One Response to Personal Color Wheel

  1. dawn says:

    I love the color wheel idea! Haven’t seen it done that way before…this will be a great project for my niece and I on her next visit….thanks!

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