Bead Table Wednesday 3-30-11

Photos of my actual bead table were just coming out too dark and terrible, so I moved some of the stuff to my light box. I do want my blog to be a pleasant place to visit and dark, horrible photos don’t lend themselves to that. So, why is it photos of Thanksgiving and birthdays all come out fine, but photos of a table don’t?

Anyway, here’s the run down starting from lower left and working clockwise:

  • 26 gauge brass head pins heading for the supply shop
  • The tray o’ stuff that I can never seem to empty
  • Some charms and a pendant for later projects
  • A pair of earrings whose design I want to reconsider
  • A beer cap donated to the jewelry cause by Chris
  • A spool of chain I need to put up
  • The pieces for the lion’s head necklace that I need to work on. Seriously. Been sitting around a while. Would love it to be all made up and looking good by this time next week.

Back to work!

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