5 Ways to Give a Smaller Pendant More Pizazz

Way #1 – Hang it. I created the large loop the same way you would create any wrapped loop. I just used an object the size I wanted, slipped the horizontally drilled pendant on, and completed the wrapping. A much better necklace than my first attempt where I slipped the beading wore through the pendant directly.

Way #2 – Add beads. These little lovebirds looked sweet on their own, but the rhinestone bead duo gives them so much more presence.

Way #3 – Add dangles. If there are holes along the bottom or you can add holes at the bottom, add dangles. These are metal, but they can be beads or charms too.

Way #4 – Layer. These pieces are riveted together, but you can also layer by just hanging two or more top-drilled items from the same jump ring.

Way #5 – Combine. Neither of these coins would have had much impact alone. But together, along with the bead dangles, they have enough presence to work in a necklace with large beads.

These are some of the ways I’ve given smaller pendants more pizazz. I’d love to hear how you do it.

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One Response to 5 Ways to Give a Smaller Pendant More Pizazz

  1. Cyndi L says:

    What a great post, Charlene! I especially love that top necklace…what you did with the hanging wire really does give the pendant more importance.

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