Bead Table Wednesday 4-20-11

Here’s the run down:

  • Brass beads being used for the partially completed necklace in the center
  • Ear wires I am in the process of making
  • 26 gauge brass headpins – they need to be straightened, snipped and put away
  • The partial necklace I really need to finish. I mean really.
  • Silver wire with balled ends that will become ear wires
  • A strand of fresh water pearls that I am contemplating using with the partial necklace – half the time it looks like it wants to work, half the time it doesn’t

The table is in an almost calm state today. No cyclones. No plates with projects stacked on top of each other. And I am going to finish that necklace.

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One Response to Bead Table Wednesday 4-20-11

  1. Lisa Faeth says:

    That is too funny! I have projects to I have started and I have gone back too! It just seems like some days it flows and others it doesnt. When I dont feel anything for the piece I walk away until “it comes to me!” Good luck…. Hope you find your inspiration!

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