Vintage and Vintage Inspired Jewelry Components

Artbeads asked bloggers to create jewelry using either antique or vintage jewelry components or modern components with a vintage feel. My necklace has both. The six components above the pendant are from Artbeads new Kabela Design jewelry components. The pendant belonged to my grandmother, Cora Konig Smith.

My original thought was to make a bracelet but when I laid the pieces out, I just wasn’t feeling it. It occurred to me that I really liked vintage necklaces where the components are arranged together creating a pretty focal point. So, I started arranging the pieces to see how they might link together and the placement of the holes made it easy to attach them the way I’ve done. I used small jump rings to connect the components and used two connection points to keep the necklace flat while being worn.

I then went to look for something to hang beneath the pieces. As soon as I laid the piece from my grandmother beside the Artbeads components, I knew it was the one. But, it was a pin. At first I didn’t want to alter it. I wanted to keep it as it was when it was my grandmother’s. But the pin back didn’t work properly, it came undone very easily and I knew I would never wear it out of fear of losing it. I figured my grandmother would rather it be altered and worn than kept intact but live in a drawer.

So, I went for it, cut the pin back parts off and created a tab setting from brass sheet. I then needed to decide how to finish the rest of the necklace. More chain did not look right so I went with ribbon. I love it and I never would have made this without the Artbeads blog challenge. I am proud to have honored my grandmother’s jewelry with this piece.

I hope someday when I have grandchildren, my granddaughter will treasure both the original piece from her great-great and also the contribution I added.

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4 Responses to Vintage and Vintage Inspired Jewelry Components

  1. Rose Mary says:

    At first I thought this was a vintage piece you photographed. Then I read the post. Then I thought the pendant was the Budda, but when I zoomed in, Hindu maybe? Totally cool. I keep wondering when she bought it and what made her buy it. Some questions remain unanswered, but that’s ok. I rather like the thought of each generation adding a small part of themselves and passing it on.

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Hi Rose Mary,

      I appreciate your comments. I don’t remember where but I once saw someone who said their blog was what they wanted to tell their grandchildren. I loved that because when I think about my ancestors, I know some birth and death dates and I have some photos. But what I don’t know is what it felt like to be them, day by day, living in the time they lived in. A blog can tell you some of that.

  2. Lisa Faeth says:

    I love that piece… it is very telling…like it wants to scream it’s story…. and we need to listen!

  3. Regina says:

    What a gorgeous necklace. Your grandmother will be so proud!

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