Etching Copper

I am just thrilled to have taken a class in etching metal. Here’s the piece I made. My first etched piece ever. Sherri Haab taught the class and not only was everyone successful with their etching, Sherri’s process does not require chemicals that need hazardous disposal. Her process uses electricity and I can’t explain it, but I can tell you that it works.

When we walked into the classroom, there was a long table filled with these steel containers. There were little electric devices and a whole mess of plugs.

Below is how it looked while our pieces were being etched. It was so hard to be patient while the process was underway. They were face down in the container so we couldn’t see what was going on. But the material you see in the bottom of the pan is copper that had been removed. And when we emptied the pans, the bottoms weren’t steel colored anymore, they were coated in copper.

I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to get set up in my studio. I think it will add dimension to my work and I love that Sherri showed us how to etch using freehand drawing or handwriting. I also enjoyed meeting and talking with Sherri. She knows her stuff and engaged with each and every person in the class.

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2 Responses to Etching Copper

  1. Tell Sherri I said hello. She’s fab! Glad to see you like her etching system. I believe the same equipment can be used for plating as well. Haven’t had time to give it a go yet.

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I will tell her. She taught the plating class today – the one where you can plate a twig or leaf or seed. I was in enamels today so I couldn’t take it. The results look beautiful though.

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