Torch Song Trilogy

I am so tired. Classes do this to me. I am normally able to work a full day and still have plenty of energy for a busy evening. Put me in a creative or artistic class and I come out wiped. Today’s class was enamels and these are the pieces I made. I have sketches and ideas for how I will use some of them.

This was my work table today, my little corner of the world filled with tools, copper, finished pieces, a rag, my sketch book, other stuff.

I bought sari ribbon today. I have not used it before and thought I’d give it a try. A lot that was available was hot pinks and reds. I bought this bundle because of the blues. I wish the women of India were benefiting more from the sale of sari ribbon and hair.

This is an I’m tired and ready to get out of here photo. I’ll put the rings to good use another day. Signing off. More classes tomorrow.

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One Response to Torch Song Trilogy

  1. Lisa Faeth says:

    Such beautiful pieces.. I look forward to seeing what you do with the ribbon! Have a wonderful afternoon!

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