First Solo Metal Etching Attempt

There are classes and then there’s after the class. There have been times when I’ve taken the class, bought the kit, gotten the supplies and for whatever varied reasons, I kept working the way I always worked and the kit sat, the new knowledge did not alter the course I was on. There are times when classes did make a real impact, but there are also some where I did not immediately keep working at it and time moved on and it sat.

So I was determined to put my new skills to practice right away to really work at not just developing them but at weaving them into the tapestry of my work. And here is my first attempt at etching on my own.

It’s not perfect. There’s an area at the bottom that has no etching. I did not get the resist attached securely in that area and I believe I know what to do differently next time. And while there is a temptation to focus on the area that did not get etched, the truth is more of the piece got etched than did not. I just need to try again. And again.

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5 Responses to First Solo Metal Etching Attempt

  1. Looks good to me! And it’s just the first time out of the gate at home. Sometimes we learn more from the mistakes we make. And the great thing is that you can always etch it again. So it’s not like it’ll go to waste.

    And I’m really tempted by Sherri’s system. I use various kinds of acid the way I learned when etching plates for prints and her’s is definitely a sight easier to use and dispose of afterwards. It’d probably make me etch things more often.

  2. Lisa Faeth says:

    Thank you for sharing your new project… I admire your honesty and look forward to reading as you master this technique… Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

  3. thebeaddreamer says:

    Thank you both for your comments. Andrew, another thing I like is that the chemical for etching copper is readily available and can be used many times before disposal. Sherri says it is safe to flush or dispose of in a septic system.

  4. Baba says:

    I bought so many kits! Hopefully that is the last time I fall into that trap! Loved seeing you. Too crazy there and I was shellshocked for most of it!

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Baba, I know. Classes have really changed. The focus on education is there, but there was also a strong focus on sales. Years past, you did not see that. The instructors might pass out a list of where you could find things and that was it. I guess everyone’s trying to make it.

      I bought a fair amount of stuff too. The main thing is – no judgement. Even if we meet there next year and have not opened some of the stuff from this year!

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