Book Review: Simply Necklaces and Simply Earrings

Smart businesses know what their core strength is but also have a pulse on the times and are adaptable. I think Lark Books is doing just that. They recognize that there may be jewelry makers who want to learn new skills and techniques but may not have the money for costly books plus the beads, findings and other materials needed to complete the projects. To provide more affordable options, Lark Books has introduced five project packed, attractive books each under $10.00 retail. Fabulous.

Simply Necklaces has 23 projects including the three-strand long necklace pictured above. There are a variety of necklace lengths from choker to opera, rope and lariat. And a variety of materials and techniques – bead weaving, stringing, adding chain, using ribbon, single strands and multiple strands. Basic information is also provided to help educate the reader about types of beads and findings,techniques like knotting and wrapped loops, as well as information about necklace design.

Simply Earrings also offers a wealth of information including how to make your own ear wires and how to use simple jigs to make repeatable wire designs. There are 19 earring designs including these beautiful wire, chain and briolette dangle earrings that I can’t wait to try.

If you’ve learned how to make other types of earrings but haven’t worked much with wire and chain in your earring designs, this book is an excellent resource to help you be successful at expanding your technique and designs.

Photos courtesy Lark Books.

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