Book Review: Beading – The Weekend Crafter

Lark recently reprinted this book with a new cover and at a reduced price. It’s been one of their best sellers and it’s easy to see why. I do challenge myself with learning new techniques, working with unusual components and trying to stretch and grow. But sometimes, it’s nice to just have fun and get some instant gratification at the same time. This book is perfect for those moments. It’s also a great book for those beginning to work with beads.

There’s plenty of jewelry, but also a nice variety of other projects – napkin rings, greeting cards, bookmarks, and accents for candle holders, bottles and planters. I love the beaded and charmed basket shown in the picture above. I’ve never made anything like this before. Starting with a purchased wire basket, the bead work probably goes pretty quickly. This design could translate nicely into a larger basket with larger glass or other beads.

So relax, grab some beads and have something pretty to show before Monday morning gets here. And yes, Monday morning always comes way too fast.

All photos courtesy Lark Crafts.

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One Response to Book Review: Beading – The Weekend Crafter

  1. Lisa Faeth says:

    Thank you, I am always interested in learning something new!
    Have a great weekend.
    Take care!

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