BTW and a Different Approach

It’s Bead Table Wednesday and I’m trying something a little different. I was reading Sparrow Salvage’s blog about how she normally works and a change she made in her approach. I was interested because making a change in your process can light a creative spark or open your eyes/mind to other ideas. So I thought why not give it a try.

I normally approach design by selecting a focal piece or strand or group of beads that I want as the foundation of the piece. Then I begin the process of looking through the things I have to see who wants to play, which things work with the elements I started with, which things enhance it, which bring out qualities I’d like to highlight – that sort of thing. And then I start putting them together in different ways to see what works. Some beads leave the party, others join in. And it generally all comes together.

Sparrow’s new process is a little different (please take the time to read her post). It involves letting the pieces sit out in tins for a while and over time bringing things together that seem to work with that piece. Once enough pieces are collected in a tin, she then starts on a design. The primary differences are the containment of the pieces to the tins and letting the passage of time become part of the design process. Kind of like letting the soup simmer.

I don’t have any vintage old rusted tins like Sparrow, so I used what I have – appetizer plates. I think white works better as a backdrop for me anyway. These are the items I now have simmering on the back burner.

  1. A strand of turquoise howlite
  2. A vintage brooch
  3. A strand of fresh water pearls and a bracelet I want to take apart
  4. An orange enameled oval
  5. A bone pendant with birds on it

We shall see what unfolds.

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