Paper Jewelry

Lark Crafts recently posted a stunning collection of gorgeous paper jewelry. I am so inspired by the shear creativity that so many people have. Paper can be thought of as a humble material and too fragile for jewelry. Humble materials can take far more imagination that dazzling, spectacular things to work into an object of beauty. And with the right care, can last very long. Or, the artistic intent might be to love a piece for a while and then let it go. I remember the first time I saw Andy Goldsworthy’s art being stunned by his willingness to work hard at making a deliberately temporary piece of art.

When I first started making jewelry, I made a bit of paper jewelry and here are a pair of earrings from that time. These are in my personal collection and I’ve had them long enough, they may be considered vintage at this point! I still have some of the papers I worked with back then. Maybe I’ll head that way again sometime.

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One Response to Paper Jewelry

  1. Lisa Crone says:

    I LOVE paper jewelry! WOW! These are amazing!

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