Book Review: Simply Bead & Wire

I love working with wire but can remember when it just plain intimidated me. I didn’t understand gauges, didn’t have the right hand tools and would get kinks and run into all sorts of problems. What helped me was good old fashioned practice. And finding some jewelry projects that were interesting enough but not more than my skills could handle at the time. There’s still a lot more I’d like to learn about working with wire and books with projects like this one from Lark Crafts are such a big help.

The book has 20 projects, a mix of bracelets, earrings, pins and necklaces with something for all skill levels. There’s an introductory section that explains how to work with wire and shows some basics like coils and wrapped loops. Some of the projects, like the earrings below, can be worked up fairly quickly and others will take a little more time and practice.

Wire jewelry takes some basic hand tools and of course you need wire, but it need not be expensive. Copper, brass and bronze are affordable alternatives to sterling. There are also a lot of craft wires that are non-tarnish and quite lovely. This book is also very reasonable, retailing at just under $10.00. So, if you’d like to learn to work with wire or want to expand your wire working skills, grab a book like this one, get some wire and simply get started.

Photos courtesy Lark Crafts.

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3 Responses to Book Review: Simply Bead & Wire

  1. Lisa Faeth says:

    Those are great!!! How fun!

  2. BellaJ says:

    Those projects seem like something that I can handle. Thanks for sharing! I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive how-to book.

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