Sticks and Stones

Who doesn’t love discovering an interesting bead or jewelry component? I know I’m always on the lookout. I saw these stick beads at Beadaholique and was intrigued by them. They looked like little twigs, regular old sticks, that someone had taken the time to cut and file smooth into beads. I loved their rustic simplicity but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them until I saw the wood earring findings also at Beadaholique. Two and three hole earring findings can also make excellent two or three strand necklace or bracelet findings and that’s exactly how I used them in this necklace. I chose larger beads in similar tones and materials to complete the top portion of the necklace.

In the three strands of the necklace, I primarily used the wood stick beads, but added some smaller bamboo beads – almost like staccato – and some longer bamboo beads as well. Interspersed are gemstone beads in equally rustic but beautiful tones. I love the necklace but had the devil of a time photographing it because it is long – almost 40 inches. My jewelry photography set up is not geared for that size so hopefully the photo is OK.

And I used two of the earring findings to make a matching pair of earrings. I have to say, looking at the earring findings online, they looked a little bulky. I felt fairly sure they would work for the necklace but was not sure about earrings. I was pleasantly surprised. Even with beads this slender, they worked just beautifully.

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One Response to Sticks and Stones

  1. Beautiful piece! (The photo turned out fine!) Love the organic feel and the layers. Really great!

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