Day 1 – Black and White Sgraffito

I’ve had some difficult first days in the studio at Penland, but today was not one of them. I like the group of people I’m with – upon meeting everyone last evening, I felt the whole class had a nice vibe. Classmates are like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump was always talking about. This is a good group.

We started the morning with enameling, very different enameling than I’ve ever done before. First it was on enameled steel – the same stuff white boards are made of. We used industrial enamels. We worked only in black and white. And we learned sgraffito. The two pieces above are my enamel work for the day.

In the afternoon we started on the bookmaking part. I’ll be honest, I’m in this for the enameling. But bookmaking is such a beautiful thing, I’m OK going along for the ride. Everything you work with has its properties, its way, how it likes to be handled, how it responds to this and that. And I’m beginning to learn those things about paper. I will end the class with enameled, hand made books. But I will find a way to get some jewelry done too.

Here’s the lower left hand corner of my desk. It’s the only one in the studio for lefties. I knew it before I saw the words.

Here’s the full view of my bench and the entire studio. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Please note: These posts were done while I was at Penland and are now being posted in the order I wrote them.

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One Response to Day 1 – Black and White Sgraffito

  1. Lisa Faeth says:

    Those turned out so beautiful… what a great class…

    Take care,

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