Expanding. Contracting. Expanding Again.

I have been in a period of artistic and technical growth. It is an uneasy place at times. But that is where I’ve been. Am. I feel the work moving and shifting and I don’t know where I’m headed exactly. I make things and I question them. I have ideas that I need to explore more fully and I’m not sure how. I only see the next step and trust that seeing just that far is enough. For now.

Classes make me expand creatively. I feel the expansion like a deep, deep breath. It is a wonderful, beautiful, ethereal thing. After the class is over, I contract a little bit. Close in, grow smaller. But never to where I was before the class. Never. Which means growth.

Growth and growing pains. Fits and starts. Not always easy places to be. But necessary. And where I find myself right now.

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