Grapevine Pendant

This is the pendant I made in Janice Berkebile’s Grapevine Pendant class. It’s taken me a while to get it photographed and as I look at it I’m a little amazed that I actually made it. I really took the class to learn how to do the type of wire work that was used to make the bead-filled pod. The leaf was a bonus.

The leaf was made by chasing and it is my first chased piece. It’s just fine for a first piece too. I guess what struck me is how little I understood about chasing. I’ve read about chasing and I’ve seen chased work so intellectually I understood it. But in a practical sense, I had only witnessed people using chasing tools as metal stamps. Actually seeing Janice use chasing tools to chase and then trying it myself gave me a much better understanding of it. And I liked it more than I realized I would. Bringing dimension and form to a flat piece of metal feels good.

So, I’ll put chasing on the list of things I’d like to learn more about. It will have to wait for now. I’ve learned so much this year. I need to put in the time and work to solidify and develop my skills before taking on anything else new.

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