Enamel Pendant No. 2

I am making progress with my goal to create 24 enamel pendants in 2011. This is the second pendant. I know it’s mid-June and maybe I should have 12 done by now. I don’t. I’m happy to have two posted so far. Recently I’ve been doing a lot more enameling so there is hope that I’ll reach my goal.

This pendant is made of industrial enamels on steel. Industrial enamels are the same as those used on ceramic cook tops, bathtubs and other appliances. They have different properties than jewelry enamels and I’m enjoying learning to work with them. I made this pendant by layering multiple coats of white, black, gray, and off-white enamels. I fired the piece in between each layer, used sgraffito in places and also sanded down portions of each layer so that bits of the layers underneath show through. This layering and sanding helps to provide depth and dimension in this very neutral palette.

I used two jump rings so the pendant would lie flat and kept it simple – black rubber cording with a sterling silver clasp. I named it Linnea.

Here’s the link to enamel pendant no. 1 and I’m off to work on no. 3.

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One Response to Enamel Pendant No. 2

  1. Lisa says:

    love the look of this one… the colors are great!
    Take care,

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