Full Metal Accordion

At the end of each session, Penland hosts an auction to support their work study program. It’s an excellent program that allows students to attend who otherwise could not afford it. They pay a greatly reduced fee for the class, room and board and in exchange have jobs they do while at Penland. The instruction schedule works around the job schedule so work study students don’t miss instruction time. They do have less time in the studio.

This is the book my class made for the auction. Each of us made a page in the book. They are all made of steel with enamel and they are made into an accordion style book. My page is next to last, it depicts a single chair and crescent moon.

The very last page lists all our names and was beautifully written by one of my classmates.

And here we all are. Upper Metals Session 1 2011.

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One Response to Full Metal Accordion

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this life changing experience. The book is fantastic, and I love your contribution of the chair and crescent moon. Makes me think of so many things. You are so thoughtful and intentional about everything you do. Just exquisite!

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