Pink Geode and Tourmaline Necklace

The focal point for this necklace is a pink geode from Uruguay. Geodes are wonderful surprises, crystals found inside rocks. Who knows how many rocks someone had to open to find one geode? I hadn’t used geodes before and found that they weren’t really different from rocks, shells and other irregularly shaped items I have make into jewelry before. I think I hesitated before because they look fragile. Believe me, they really aren’t. They are hard as, well rock.

I cut a piece of copper with tabs to work as a setting. Copper is malleable and I wanted to form it around the curved back of the geode. I also thought the warm coppery tones worked better with the piece than silver would.

For the necklace, I kept it delicate not wanting to overpower the geode. I used a strand of tourmaline, a gemstone that naturally comes in a lot of colors. Very often you find strands that showcase the color range like the one I used here. I added rose quartz, fresh water pearls, and teeny bronze glass beads.

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One Response to Pink Geode and Tourmaline Necklace

  1. This is great! Really lovely! Love the subtle way the pink goes in the copper, the geode and in the tourmaline. Nicely done!

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