Andrew Thorton’s Virtual Yard Sale

My friend, blogger, jewelry designer, artist, and all around great guy Andrew is having a virtual yard sale and I wanted to help get the word out. Plus he’s having a super giveaway in conjunction with the yard sale. You can read all about it here.

He’s got lots of fabulous beads and jewelry supplies for sale. He’s also got jewelry for sale, some of which has been featured in bead and jewelry magazines. So, you might even pick up a piece that’s already famous!

He’s got a sweet load of loot for the giveaway. I’d love to win it. Not that I need more beads, but you know how it is when beads are your poison of choice. Never enough!

I also like helping another jewelry designer be successful at something they are trying to do. Feeling connected to the jewelry community is one of the things I like best about blogging.

I promised a glimpse at the giveaway loot and here it is.

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3 Responses to Andrew Thorton’s Virtual Yard Sale

  1. Thanks so much for all your help getting the word out there! There’s lots of pieces that are “already famous” that are in Ebay that are going for a song!

  2. Great to see how our little group has stayed connected.

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