Bead Table Wednesday 7-6-11

This is just part of the chaos. I’ve been in a creative spurt which causes me to start pulling stuff out which makes for chaos. But in a good way. Here’s the rundown from upper left moving clockwise.

  • Bezel wire – it’s been a while since I made once because I’ve been focusing on so much other stuff. I figured I need to work bezel making into the rotation. I don’t need anything getting rusty on me.
  • Some ceramic beads that act like they don’t want to get along with anyone or each other. We’ll get past this… We always do…
  • A plate with a necklace that has been cut apart for rework. Happens.
  • Etched copper, a rifle bullet casing and piece of lemon quartz. Because, why not?
  • Amethyst cabs who I hope will meet up with the bezel wire later on.
  • Part of a bracelet and lots of brass and steel links and loops.

It will all work out. Trust me.

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One Response to Bead Table Wednesday 7-6-11

  1. I am really curious to see the final result. Most of all, I want to see how your are going to use those red lentils from the necklace…

    Have fun creating,


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