Stalactite Earrings

The pieces used in these Center of the Earth earrings are cross sections of stalactites from Uruguay. I got them at the Tucson gem shows. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them but they were so unique I couldn’t leave them behind. They were double-sided taped to strips of paper and sold by the strip. I bought a strip of five circular pieces, a strip of narrow rectangular pieces and a strip of geodes. These are the only two that matched well enough to make earrings.

I traced them and made copper tab settings to hold them. They are completely covered by copper on the back to give them strength. I added ear wires and was done. No additional beads or ornamentation. I think they are enough and wanted to do the minimum amount necessary to turn them into jewelry.

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2 Responses to Stalactite Earrings

  1. Love what you did with these discs. When I saw everyone buying them, I had no idea how use them. Good on you. They look great.

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