Tutorial: Bead Cap Chandelier Earrings

Want a little earring fun? Try these chandelier earrings made using bead caps. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 18 bead caps with holes along the bottom. They need to have an even number of holes. These bead caps came from Beadaholique and have eight holes along the bottom.
  • 18 3mm or 4mm beads for your accent beads. Mine are bright orange wood beads.
  • 18 E-beads or 3mm beads to put inside the bead caps. Without them, the bead caps flop around. I chose some luster E-beads in a color that complemented the design but let the orange beads take center stage.
  • 18 head pins
  • Pair of ear wires

Take a head pin and add an inside bead, bead cap and accent bead. All of the head pins will be strung in this manner. Make a plain or wrapped loop. This component is the top of the earring.

Take a second head pin and add the beads and bead cap. Make a loop that goes into one of the holes of the first bead cap. Then take another head pin and add the beads and bead cap. Looking at the first bead cap carefully, count the holes along the bottom. These bead caps have eight holes. The first head pin on the second row is in one hole. Skip over three holes and add another head pin into the fourth hole. This puts one head pin on either side of the top component with three holes in between them on both sides. If you don’t count correctly, your earrings will not lay flat.

The next step is the trickiest step of the whole deal – and it’s not that hard. Thread a head pin and make a loop that goes through one hole in the bottom of both of the two components you just added.

Counting the holes the same way you did earlier, add components for the third row into the outer edges of the bead caps above them. You now have a row of three components.

To create the fourth row, take a head pin with beads and bead cap and join the left hand and center bead cap of the third row together. Then, counting spaces again, add another head pin to join the center and right hand bead caps of the third row together. This completes the fourth row which has two bead caps. A final head pin joins them together. Add an ear wire, repeat for the second earring and done!

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One Response to Tutorial: Bead Cap Chandelier Earrings

  1. Pat de Verre says:

    Clever idea and great tuto
    thanks for sharing

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