Book Review: Chains Chains Chains

I am in love with this book. I’ve been making chains but they are pretty basic links. Often I use them as the backdrop to other beads or charms. The chains in this book are stars of the show, not supporting cast. And if you’re like me, maybe you’ve made a little bit of chain and have worked a bit with wire, I think you’ll love this book too.

Some of the projects are amazingly inventive like this necklace that uses map paper. Hello. You need pretty decent saw skills to cut the organic shapes shown, but you could use pre-made bezels and cut the map paper in squares, rectangles, or circles. There are a number of projects equally imaginative. Some of them do require a lot of materials, but they don’t have to be expensive materials. Steel, brass, copper even some plastic materials could be used.

The chain projects don’t just stop at the throat and wrist, there are earring projects too like these adorable bird earrings. I want them.

Chains Chains Chains has templates for the birds and other shapes that can be photocopied and used for your projects. The book also has a wealth of technical information to help you develop your skills where needed. Plus an amazing gallery section to get your creative juices going. I’m seeing a lot of chain in jewelry in the stores right now and it has nothing on handmade chain. Nothing. If you’ve never made it, try. One thing about chain, because you repeat the same thing many times, it’s excellent practice for improving our skills.

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