Enamel Pendant No. 3

In looking back to see what number enamel pendant I was on, I couldn’t believe I had only posted two! So this is enamel pendant number 3. I have 21 more to go to meet the challenge I set for myself. Here’s the problem – I am waiting until the enamel pieces are made into finished jewelry. That was never part of the deal I made with myself. But I really do like seeing them in a finished piece. So, I’ll keep going and worst case in December there will be a rush of enamel pendants that aren’t yet made into jewelry.

About this piece – these are the beads that wanted to play with the orange enamel piece. Because of their scale – particularly the nautilus shell ones, the orange pendant felt too small. Plus I needed to mitigate its orangeness a little. So I cut a large disc out of brass and hammered it to add texture. It took about three times of hammering, annealing and flattening to get the amount of texture I wanted. Then I darkened it. I’m very happy with it and it’s off to a local shop tomorrow. I hope it finds a wonderful new home.

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