My Blog Went Crazy Today

Here’s what happened. I always get an email when someone leaves a comment and another email when the comment is approved. I don’t know why I need the second email since I know I approved it. Well for some reason, I’ve only gotten a few of these emails the past few months. Then all of a sudden today, the rest came. Hundreds. At first I thought it was some type of spam attack but when I looked more closely, I realized what had happened. Anyway, the emails are mostly cleaned up. A few more are trickling in.

So I thought I’d post a photo of me looking all calm and composed on the day my blog went crazy.

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3 Responses to My Blog Went Crazy Today

  1. Charlie K says:

    Well, good thing it wasn’t paper mail. Hope it’s all straight now.

  2. tara linda says:

    Lol! Funny Charlene! I like your style; cool photo behind an honest story 😉

  3. Well that would be enough to make you go crazy! Good thing you have all those beads and beautiful jewelry to bring down the blood pressure. I lost some work I was doing online three times before I got it saved! Sometimes I just get out my artists beads that I have for my own and hold them in order to admire them. That gives me some peaceful moments and that is what I bought them for. Here’s to another day where the beads go just the way you want them and so does the email!

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