Focus and Priorities

This year has been good, but a little crazy making too. I took a lot of classes and I’m excited by everything I learned. And I want to do it all. Right now. All of it. I’ve been scurrying, racing, in overdrive trying to do this. Intellectually I’ve been telling myself I can’t do everything. Emotionally, I just plain wanted to. But I can’t.

That means I have to prioritize and I have to focus. I think what I need to do is have a mindset that prioritizing and focusing don’t mean I’m giving something up or experiencing less of something. The calm, rational side of me is telling the other side that it means I gain the ability to spend time with one technique (yes, I have to choose) and develop it and become better at it. I get to experience that richness. Better than I would if I flitted from technique to technique like a bee in a flower patch. After a time of fighting this, I am ready to accept it. I think the work will be better for it.

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