Long Days of Summer Jewelry Challenge

This is the first jewelry challenge and blog hop I have ever hosted. I’m excited about it and pleased to have some super sweet jewelry designers and bloggers join me. My inspiration was this mermaid image of a woman curled up in a seashell. I think it is just gorgeous. I love the softness of the image and love how her hair flows out. I am learning how to do image transfer and I’m working some of the kinks out. So far, my images have not transferred perfectly. Maybe I need to see the small imperfections as part of the charm of this process.

I made the chain out of steel wire. This is my first time making this particular chain and I am in love with it. It takes time to make the little links but it is worth it. At first I was worried about them being very consistent, but now that I see them all together, I don’t think it matters one bit. I love pairing the rustic steel chain with almond tone crystal pearls and black diamond rhinestone rondells. Opposites do attract.

Here’s a bit of the chain up close.

Please take a few moments and visit the other blogs in this blog hop. If you can, be super sweet too and leave a comment!

1. Andrew Thornton – http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/

2. Andrea Trank – http://heavenlanecreations.wordpress.com/

3. Therese – http://www.theresestreasures59.blogspot.com

4. Mary Ellen Parker – http://beetreebyme.blogspot.com/

5. Tara Linda – http://taralinda.wordpress.com/

6. Me!

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11 Responses to Long Days of Summer Jewelry Challenge

  1. I love the combination of steel with pearls. It’s not something I would have tried, but it does look great together.

    I’ve done image transfer and it’s harder than it looks. I actually like that yours isn’t perfectly transferred–it gives it an antique look.

    • thebeaddreamer says:


      You are correct – image transfer is not easy. But it’s so darn pretty that I can’t help but keep trying. I know where the issues are that I want to resolve, I just have to take them one by one.

      Thank you for your comments – I’m glad you like the steel and pearls.

  2. Fabulous chain!!!
    I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this blend of color and texture !!!
    This design is sophisticated classic and cool new edgy combined !!!
    A Summer theme perfect for anytime of year !
    Thank you for hosting this challenge !
    I really had fun with it !!!
    Hope it’s the first of many .
    m.e. 🙂

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Mary Ellen,

      Thank you so much and maybe I will do another one. I was a little nervous about doing this and wondering if anyone would participate. Kind of like the feeling you have when you throw a party and the first guest hasn’t arrived yet.

      But it’s all worked out pretty well.

  3. tara linda says:

    How Beautiful!
    I love the dreamy quality of both the transfer & dark metal. Amazing chain work. Thank you for hosting this!

  4. Therese says:

    Charlene, first let me thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge, I wish I would have been a little further out of the box on this one, but my muse left me to my own accord.
    Your necklace is gorgeous I love the pendant, I would have never known that it was not transferred perfectly the imperfections add character and age. The chain is stunning love the links and the pearls with the crystal roundels.

    • thebeaddreamer says:


      You are very welcome. It has been nice to meet some people and find blogs that I otherwise may not have know about. I think your necklace is lovely but I have felt the same way at times over challenges I have participated in. I think that’s why they are good for us creative types.

  5. Tamara says:

    What a wonderful pendant and the colours of your necklace is just stunning. You’ve done wonders with the steel for the chain. I hope you do another challenge soon, I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  6. What a lovely, ethereal image! Nicely done! I really like the contrast of materials, the grit of the steel, with the softness of the arabesques and the creaminess of the pearls punched up with a little bit of sparkle.

    Thank you for hosting this challenge and for organizing it! You’re AWESOME!

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