Bird Coin Necklace

This is the first coin I ever cut out. When I took a class that showed me how to use a jeweler’s saw, one of the assistants showed a coin he had cut out and I was just in awe. I mean cutting a straight line was a challenge in those days. It took a few years before I gave it a try. I got this coin in Bermuda and thought it was so pretty I decided to cut the bird out. My initial plan was to cut some open areas and skirt around the bird, but not to try and cut it out in detail. But something in me wanted to go for it. So I did.

A lot of the work is making cuts to allow you to angle the saw blade in a certain direction or to gain access to an area. This means the part that is gone was not cut out in one piece. It came out in a lot of little pieces. The other challenge for me was the thickness. The coin is thicker than any of the metal I usually saw and if I was not exactly vertical in the blade all of the time, there was drag on the saw blade that made the cutting slower. But I persisted and got it done. And I’m proud of it. I think I’ve cut out 2-3 coins since this one.

I cut a piece of an old tin pencil case for a backing and cut a custom copper tab setting. I wanted the coin to be the star of the show and added a leaf link antique copper chain.

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One Response to Bird Coin Necklace

  1. Tamara says:

    this is very pretty, you’ve done an amazing job with the cutting.

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