Button and Dark Metal Earrings

I’ve always liked incorporating buttons into my jewelry and I think it can be done no matter what style of jewelry you make – well, almost. Right now, I am still in my dark metal phase and found a way to make buttons work with the dark metal tones. The pair above started when I made the little brass connectors with one loop at the top and two at the bottom. No matter how hard I tried, they did not want to work as the sole component in a pair of earrings. I’ve done designs with an even number of dangles, but odd numbers still work a little bit better for the most part. I think that’s true in accessorizing the home too. See, I watch my HGTV.

I solved it by adding the brass component underneath a small pink button and then wiring on a dark brass heart which added the third leg of the design. Two tiny bead dangles below – one in pink to reference the button, and one in shimmering aqua to add some sparkle.

Here’s another pair. I was intrigued when I was looking for something and came across these tiny buttons – maybe they are for doll clothes? I liked the way they hung at angles when held closely together. This time they hang from simple, rustic brass hoops. The ear wires for both pair of button earrings are darkened sterling silver. I think it works just fine with the brass. I have brass ear wires, but they are more brown than gray. This time I wanted gray.

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One Response to Button and Dark Metal Earrings

  1. crazy about beading says:

    WOW, these are great! What a wonderful combination. Thanks for sharing.

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