Book Review: Ring A Day

The Ring a Day challenge was simply an amazing, heroic feat pulled off by a group of jewelry artists. I admire each and every person who participated. I followed a few of the blogs, like Thomasin Durgin’s, but it really was too much to follow them all. Over 16,000 photos of rings were blogged about. I am grateful to Lark Books for curating a collection of 700 of the rings.

The rings themselves are just amazing. The photo above shows a ring by Nina Dinoff made from the entire text of Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream speech. Powerful.

What is equally amazing as the rings is the journey each artist took in just plain getting it done. There are rings that show a high level of both imagination and technical skill. This Letters Ring by Natalia Gomensoro is a fabulous example.

There are rings that take some material not typically thought of for jewelry and magic is made. The AJA Fake Nails Ring, also by Natalia Gomensoro is an example. And there are those days when a twist tie, gum wrapper, or some other item quickly made into a ring had to suffice.

I really like the size and format of the book. It’s small in size and has a feel of a sketch book. And you know how much we like our little sketch books. Three or four rings are presented on a page, with the ring names and the names of their creators. Many pages feature a quote from one of the artists represented. Those little glimpses into their journey make the book extra special. Brief biographies are included to help us get to know these amazing artists.

I respect each and every person who participated in a Ring a Day. I honestly don’t know if I could do something like that. I also like how the project connected people and created a sense of community. Thank you Lark Crafts for honoring the project in this way.

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