Splendid Bead Soup Ingredients

This is what I received from my partner Amanda and did she do right be me?

I’m saying – yes she did! I’ve been seeing filigree components like the one she sent but have never used one. I’ve also never used anything like the burgundy patina textured piece either. So it will definitely be a challenge. And I’m looking forward to it. Really no matter how it turns out, I will have tried something different and that is important to me.

Here’s one of Amanda’s artisan necklaces in a similar color palette. Let’s hope I can come close to her level of artistry with my splendid Bead Soup ingredients.

Thank you, Amanda!

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One Response to Splendid Bead Soup Ingredients

  1. Great post Charlene! I know you will do that filigree proud! ❤ Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing the beautiful work of art that will become of this little mix 🙂

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