Jewelry Repairs

Do you do them or do you say – no way. Some people have found jewelry repair to bring in a nice little income on the side. Other people think repairs are the devil and won’t touch them. I do them sometimes.

If I made the piece and something happens to it, I will fix it. Even if the issue wasn’t caused by any flaw in the workmanship or quality of materials – especially for my repeat customers.

I’ll also fix jewelry I did not make under certain circumstances, usually my relationship to the person or the fact that there is something sentimental about the jewelry and what they are asking for is reasonable. I do charge for these repairs and try to leave the piece stronger and better than when I got it. Now, a bag of some one’s tangled, busted up, crusty, dirty jewelry that looks like a car ran over it – different story.

Anyway, this necklace made its way to me for a repair. One of the flowers tried to make a run for it. I’ll fix it if I can. Part of the difficulty is the fact that I don’t know what kind of metal this is and I don’t know how the flower was originally attached. I can’t use heat because of the rhinestones. I am thinking to see how it reacts to the drill by making a tiny hole somewhere that the flower will cover. If it can be drilled, I will most likely create two tiny holes and wire the flower back on. I hope I can fix it because it’s one of the owner’s favorites and she’s been a customer of mine in the past.

Gorgeous piece. Wish I knew where those flowers came from.

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