Stacked Bracelets and Beady Links

Source: via Marley on Pinterest


Stacked or wrapped bracelets are all the rage right now. And I can see why, they are just so gosh darn pretty. I’ve seen many examples like these gorgeous photos via Pinterest (my new obsession) and it seems to me that it’s more about how the bracelets related to each other rather than consistency in materials.

Expect to see my own version popping up in the shop!

And now, for other beady news, here’s this weeks links:

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Returning from Philadelphia, Andrew gives a recap of BeadFest!

Resin Crafts!
There is a new series this week featuring EasyCast clear casting epoxy.

Beading Arts
Want to add a bezel to a curved surface? Cyndi shows you one easy way to do it!

A Bead A Day
Do you have a favorite project that you turn to for using leftover beads? Stop by A Bead A Day to share an idea or pick up an idea!

Beads & Books
Michelle uses the story of Cinderella to inspire a pair of earrings and shares a related upcoming challenge at Stringing magazine. Jewelry Making
Craft stores have come a long way with the jewelry supplies they now offer. Take this quick poll about your own craft store experience.

Carmi’s Art/Life World
This week will be “etched” into Carmi’s summer memories as she blogs for John Bead.

Art Bead Scene
ABS Editor, Jennifer shares how to create a look for a store/gallery.

Cindy Gimbrone Beads
Cindy reviews Steel Wire Jewelry.

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean points out a lovely book which is a bestseller which she has a project in: Best of BeadStyle, Vol. 7 ! Please come and see how pretty it is!

The Bead Dreamer
What does it mean to really be ready – to sell online, to succeed… Charlene shares some thoughts and talks about where she is with this journey.

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