Making a Jewelry Photography Prop

I’ve been working on my photos, trying to make them better and trying to create a more cohesive look for my shop. It’s a struggle many of us grapple with at times. I need to acquire a relative or close friend who lives nearby and is an expert at product photos and willing to barter for jewelry! Short of that, I’m on my own.

Backgrounds and props (if you use them) are some of the elements that go into creating a great shot. Books tend to do a lot for photos, and I have a couple of light colored books that I’ve used over and over. But for pieces that called for a darker tone, I didn’t really have anything.

So, enter an old software testing book and some acrylic paints.

I’m happy that the paint has a matte finish. Glare is the enemy (well one of them anyway) of jewelry photos. I think it works pretty well and the variations in the gray tones add a nice touch.

I will have to post some of my all time worst jewelry photos one day. I have a couple that might burn retinas. Sunglasses would be in order. At least I’m able to learn!

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4 Responses to Making a Jewelry Photography Prop

  1. Thanks for sharing – I need to get some matte paint – all mine are glossy.

  2. Holly says:

    Oh, hey, now this is an awesome idea!! Thanks so much for posting it 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    The background really lets the necklace ‘pop’! Great idea! 🙂

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