Allegory Design Team

I am absolutely thrilled to be selected as a member of the Allegory Design Team. Our mission is to showcase products sold by Allegory Design to help other designers see how they might be used. And that means challenging ourselves in the process.

I’m in fabulous company and am looking forward to getting to know my team mates.

Allegory Gallery is a new brick and mortar and online art, jewelry and bead concept envisioned by Andrew Thornton. Twelve of us were selected for the design team. Here are my team mates:

Rebecca Anderson from Manchester, England

Shannon Chomanczuk from Hudson Valley, NY

Cindy Cima Edwards from Herber Springs, AR

Amy Cousin from Rock Hill, SC

Genea Crivello-Knable from Portland, OR

Peggy Li from San Francisco, CA

Penny Neville from Airdrie, Alberta, Ontario

Jess Prill from Northfield, MN

AJ Reardon from Tucson, AZ

Sally Rusick from West Wyoming, PA

Brenda Salzano from Coos Bay, OR

and me!

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2 Responses to Allegory Design Team

  1. Thrilled to hear that you are a part of the design team. I think a very good marriage indeed!

    • thebeaddreamer says:

      Hey girlfriend! How are you? It would just be so nice to see you. I have your blog in Google reader so I keep up with you. Maybe soon.

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