Art O Mat

I had heard about Art O Mat, but I had not seen it for myself until I walked into an art gallery in Cumberland, MD this past weekend. And there she was, all repented from being a cigarette machine and now ready to serve up art. For five dollars. Five dollars. That’s $2.50 to the artist and $2.50 to the gallery.

How could I pass this by! I paid my $5.00, got a token, put it into the machine, and voila! A small white box popped out and this is what it contained.

A small, beautifully stitched quilt square. Shirley Ruggiero made this and offered it up to get $2.50 in the hopes that someone might get it, cherish it and become interested in art as a result. Artists, artisans and crafts persons are just plain beautiful souls.

Would I put my jewelry in an Art O Mat machine? You betcha.

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One Response to Art O Mat

  1. Tamara says:

    what a wonderful machine……the things people come up with. I love the little quilt you got….

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