Etsy’s Front Page

OK, I’ll admit it. I wanted to be there and kept thinking – maybe one day. Maybe one day something of mine will make it to the front page. Well it happened. And I didn’t even know it.

I check my stats every day to see what’s going on. I started on Etsy in June 2011 and at first views were in the toilet. I’m talking 30-40 views a day. I kept working at it and started to bring things up. My hope was to get to having at least 100 views a day consistently and then go from there.

So, I log in to Etsy one day and the stats look crazy.

Over 900 views for a single day. I’m thinking – what happened? And then I go on about my business and figured it was a blip in the Etsy universe. Happens.

Then I go to check on a team challenge that I won by creating a Treasury called Gnarled Pink Sunset and see that one of the entries featuring my bracelet made it to the front page. Well there you go.

I have to say, I wish I had seen it. I also have to say, it’s set the bar pretty high on views…

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