Vintage Beads from Europe

I recently found out about a new source for vintage beads – Vintage Beads from Europe. I received a package of vintage beads from them and wanted to share them with you. The ones I got were plastic and very colorful. There were a lot of flower beads – perfect for some of the flower jewelry that is popular right now. And some with interesting and unusual shapes. Those pink hoops really capture the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s for me – I can totally see someone wearing them with a beehive hairdo and frosted lipstick.

Here are some other vintage pieces. They are very whimsical and fun. Vintage Beads sells bead mixes with 100 beads sorted by color. They also have ceramic and glass beads. Vintage Beads from Europe is owned by Vente who has had a passion for collecting vintage beads for many years. How wonderful for her to share them with us. I love finding a new source for beads and hope you’ll take some time to explore her beads.

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