Accessorizing Autumn Clothes

There’s starting to be a bit of nip in the air in some parts of the country. I know I’ve pulled out a couple of sweaters. Don’t forget about handcrafted jewelry and accessories when it comes to styling your fall looks. I love green in almost every shade. This stack of bracelets in green and brown tones is perfect for fall clothes – wear them all together or one or two at a time. Add a fun but simple earring and you’re done.

Feeling a tad goth, but in a romantic, flowing way (who doesn’t feel that way at times?) Pair a floaty black top with gargoyle earrings and soften the look with a pink Peruvian opal bracelet.

Accent a pretty fall sweater with earrings that feature a similar color and second color that adds contrast like these coral flower and brass circle earrings. Don’t get matchy-matchy with the bracelet – choose a bracelet that has the same rustic mood in colors that relate to the earring and sweater like this brass heart and key charm bracelet.

Adding on the layers may be a necessity, adding custom accessorizing touches help you shine.

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